Official Free Parking Game Rules

The following page is a copy of the rules as printed in the Free Parking Rule Book.

Mr. MONOPOLYTM says.....

"FREE PARKING® is a point-scoring card game. You’ll play ‘Feed the Meter’ cards to add time to your parking meter, then run errands and play Point cards in order to score. Each errand you run takes time off your meter. Try not to go into ‘Violation!’ It could be painful. Oh, there’s one other twist: when you feel especially lucky, try taking a card from the ‘Second Chance’ deck before you end your turn. It’s up to you. The first edition of this delightful family game appeared in 1988 and has made loads of people laugh, groan and smile ever since."

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To be the first player to score 200 points.

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Deck of 64 playing cards
4 Parking Meter cards
4 plastic meter sliders
32 Second Chance cards

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Each player gets a Parking Meter card and a slider.
Move your slider onto the right-hand edge of the card and set it at "Violation."

The dealer shuffles the Second Chance deck and places it face down near the center of the table.
The dealer then shuffles the playing cards and deals five to each player, placing the remainder of this deck face down near the Second Chance cards.
(Players will draw from both decks during play.)
During play, discards are placed face up next to the draw deck.

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The player to the left of the dealer will play first.
Thereafter, play passes to the left.

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1. Draw from the playing card deck enough cards to bring your hand up to six cards.
2. Play a card from your hand.
3. End your turn now or draw a Second Chance card before ending your turn.


If you don’t like your cards, you may–at the beginning of your turn–place 3 of your cards in the discard pile and draw 3 new ones.
The only other move you can make on this turn is to draw a Second Chance card if you wish.

What Card Should You Play?

To begin with, you’ll need to add time to your Meter. The idea of the game is to run errands by playing Point cards whose total value equals 200 points or more.
But in order to run an errand and earn points, you’ll need at least as much time on your Meter as the errand requires.
Every time you play a Point card, you must reduce the time on your Meter by the same number of minutes.
At times, you’ll want to play one of these Special cards:

Officer Jones
Talk Your Way Out of It
Free Parking
Time Expires

Here’s how to play each kind of card

FEED THE METER cards (20, 30, 40 and 60 minutes) These cards let you put time on your Meter.
To do so, discard the Feed the Meter card from your hand then add the time you’ve just purchased by moving the slider up on your Meter.
If you play a card that would boost your Meter’s time beyond 60, simply stop at 60.

POINT (errand) cards (10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 point errands) These cards score points for you.
Playing one causes you to "spend" some or all of the time on your Meter.
To play one of these cards, take it from your hand and place it face up on the table in front of you.
Next, move your Meter´s slider down by the number of minutes required by the errand.
Example: Your Meter shows 50 minutes and you play a 30 minute errand. Move your slider down to 20 minutes.

NOTE: You may not play a Point card unless you have at least as much time on your Meter as the errand requires.

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These cards allow you to protect yourself or to zap your opponents.
There are 3 of each type of special card in the deck:


Play this card against any opponent whose Meter is in "Violation."
That player must choose one of his or her already-played Point cards from the table and discard it onto the discard pile.
You may play this card at any time, even when it’s not your turn.
Once you’ve used it, discard it.
If you play it out of turn, you still take your turn when it comes up.
If you play it on your turn, you then take your regular turn as well.


Officer Jones bugging you?
Somebody picking on you with a Second Chance card?
Play this card and get away scot-free!
This card cancels any action against you, including any Second Chance card you or another player draws.
Play this card at any time, even when it is not your turn. But once you’ve used it, you must discard it.


Play this card on your turn and you may immediately play any Point card without deducting any time from your Meter.
The parking is free! Discard it after use.


Play this card on your turn against any opponent, who must then immediately put his or her Meter back to 0.
Use this card once, then discard it.
This constitutes your main turn, but you may still draw a Second Chance card if you want to.

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After you’ve played a card on your turn, you may–if you wish–draw the top card from the Second Chance deck. Do what it says, then discard it.

If you are instructed to take a Point card from another player, that player picks up his or her Point cards from the table, turns them face down, and fans them towards you.
You then pick one sight, unseen.
The player turns the remainder face up again. You do not change the time showing on your Meter.

If you are instructed to give an opponent one of your Point cards, select one from those on the table in front of you (if you have any).

If you are instructed to discard or lose a Point card, select it from those on the table in front of you.

If you are instructed to trade places with another player, you leave your Meter card and ALL your other cards behind. Play proceeds to the next person whose turn it would have been if you hadn’t moved.

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The first player to reach 200 or more points wins the game.

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For an exciting, longer game, play several hands (rounds) until one player has accumulated 300 or more points to win.
Use these rules:

1. SCOREKEEPER – Appoint a scorekeeper, who keeps score with a pencil and a sheet of paper.

2. WINNING THE ROUND – As soon as one player plays Point cards totaling 150 or more points, the round ends.
This player scores his or her point total plus 25 bonus points.
Every other player scores his or her actual point total.

3. PLAY THE NEXT ROUND – The next dealer shuffles the Second Chance cards, then shuffles the playing card deck and deals each player 5 cards.
Reset all Meters to Violation! Play a new round.

4. WINNING THE TOURNAMENT – The game is won by the first player to accumulate a total score of 300 points at the end of a round.
If two or more players surpass 300 points, the player with the most points wins.

FOR EVEN MORE FUN, combine two FREE PARKING games so up to eight players may play!

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